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Competition is on the rise, and that’s not it. It has become severe. More and more students are opting for competitive exams for getting degrees. This has led to a rise in the number of students giving these exams each year. Often these exams get students to a good university, provided they work hard and are well-prepared.

Once you score well in these exams, there’s a bright chance that you will get into a good university, if not the best one. But there is one thing that you should know: marks don’t define you; they just give you a career path. It is important to study without being under too much pressure because that can affect your mental well-being in a negative way.

Set a goal, stay determined and work smart, that’s exactly what will help you crack these exams and pass with flying colours. But yes, for that, you need to be well-versed with the study material and know where you could be lacking.

Here are a few useful tips to keep in mind when preparing for these competitive exams for identifying your weak points using answer keys:

  1. Don’t rote learn

Rote learning is wrong for your own self. Often students try to rote learn for exams but scoreless because rote learning tends to make you forget most things. The key, here, is to understand the concepts and strategies to be used and then apply them. Answer keys are useful as they will give you a better approach to the problems, hence, enhancing and expanding your knowledge and understanding.

  1. Direction

To be able to study well, you will need a sense of direction in what you are doing. A study plan or a bullet journal will help you achieve a proper direction and will also show you how far you have come in the case of preparation.

It will also facilitate proper usage of time and ensure that you are getting things done as well as focussing on revision. Allocate days for going through the answer sheets as that will give you enough time to go through all the material you have. Always have extra days in the plan for when you cannot understand a concept or strategy to a problem so, you can work on that. A direction in preparation will help you in numerous ways and may even improve your grades.

  1. Notes, notes, notes

You must make notes of whatever you are studying. In case of shortage of time, make notes of the things you cannot understand in one go. Notes will help in time-saving revisions, and you’ll have more time to use the answer keys. While studying the answer keys and their corresponding question papers, analyse where you are going wrong and then make sure you work on those points.

  1. Solve problems

Problem-solving will give you a better approach to all sorts of questions. After having solved mock papers and tests, refer to the answer keys. Mark the concepts that you are making mistakes in, and then understand why you are making these mistakes. Have enough confidence in yourself that after identifying these mistakes and re-studying those concepts, you will be able to solve them. In case you still cannot seem to understand, use the internet or proper sources of information such as your professors or books. It will magnify your abilities and help you improve your score.

  1. Time Management

Good time management equals smart work. Allot days and time periods to cover particular topics and using the answer keys. This will make sure that you don’t run out of time in case there are some weak points that you need to work on. Time management is a key to getting good grades, or in your case, a good score. If you properly manage your time, you will be able to study as well as pursue your extra-curricular activities and also be able to revise. Revision is a very important aspect when preparing for competitive exams. When there is a lack of revision, students tend to score less. Time management will prevent you from making these mistakes.

  1. Optimum utilization of study material

“Study, revise, solve, repeat” should be your motto for competitive exams. The more papers you solve, the better understanding you will have of your strong and weak points. Studying smartly and revising properly and using upsc answer key to their fullest will help you overcome your weak points.

Studying is the cumulative effect of days of hard work. Make sure you do not give up on your goals and dreams.


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