Understanding Hidden Technology and Infrastructure

Understanding Hidden Technology and Infrastructure

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In a modern world none of us can be the master of everything around us. The days when you knew and understood how to control the tools that made your life is long gone. Where once a pioneer would head into the wilderness ready to carve out their homestead, today we walk into our world and find we are the new ruler of all and master of very little. Do you even understand how your television or smartphone works? I know I don’t.

But lucky for us there is a place to go to find out everything we may want to know about just about anything we see. From understanding how radio waves affect us (or don’t) to fulfilling your curiosity about unknown lands, the internet is there to answer our questions. So what kinds of interesting and off-beat places and things can we find out about on the net? Here are just a few good examples of the sort of things you might find on a rainy day, when cruising the net seems like the perfect afternoon.

Life on the Streets, and More

Have you heard the rumor about what walks the streets or rather below the streets in your home town? If you live in a city like New York City, you have probably heard the stories of alligators and giant snakes that live below the streets in your sewer systems. But the truth is we don’t really understand what goes on inside those mysterious things called manhole covers. There is a website page called Manholes: The Ultimate Resource that will walk you through how many of these underground entrances are constructed, what makes some safer than others and why. It is fascinating reading and worth checking out.

The History of Your Television

For those who are old enough you may even remember the arrival of television in your neighborhood. I certainly do recall when the first neighbor in our block got a set and we all went to watch it. It was exciting and it changed all of our lives forever, whether for good or not remains to be seen. Today’s flat screen televisions are a far cry from the old tube TVs.

Just a quick check through the Wikipedia entry about the history of televisions can be very illuminating. It may not completely tell you how your current television works, if you even have one. With so many cutting the cord and moving on to streaming entertainment and news, who knows if we are seeing the end of this democratizing element in so many of our lives.

The Smartphone

While most of us have heard the story of the invention of the telephone, how did we get from that old clumsy black piece to the sleek smart phone most of us have in our back pocket these days? Just cruising the net and tracking down the development of the smart phone can be an exercise in sifting out the stories from the truth.

Manufacturing companies continue to battle for control of the copyright of smartphone development. Because of the hundreds of parts, all patented, within the little device it could be years or decades before the dust settles on just who owns the bragging rights to our most ubiquitous tool today.


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